Why sponsor Resilience Roundup?

If you want to get front of a group of people who are constantly learning looking for processes and tools on improving their systems, Resilience Roundup can help you do that.

It is the only newsletter exclusively focused on resilience engineering and its associated disciplines. You can look through the issue archive to see what a typical issue is like.

Who reads Resilience Roundup

The audience is a diverse group that contains everyone from software engineers, SREs, to CTOs. What they have in common is a desire to learn more about the practices of resilience engineer and its related disciplines to improve their organization and tools, both for themselves and for the tech world at large.

Subscribers tend to have interests across the whole spectrum of developing, delivering, and operating software; things like monitoring and alerting, incident analysis, incident response, and more.

There are two sponsor slots available, one in the issue itself (the email) and one in the archive page. The slot can contain a a link to anywhere you’d like, and about 50 words of text.

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